Who are we?

ICDM is an Indian organization founded in 2018 by Manish Gray. Our team provides unique self-defense training which is totally different from other art forms like Karate, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Kung Fu, etc. It principally teaches the method to handle emergency situations in a more realistic and natural way.

Our goals

  • to help combat violence against women and girls in India and other down trodden countries through instinctive self-defense courses.

  • to build and create a solidarity bond between our two continents because by making a donation and / or taking a class here, an Indian woman will benefit there.

  • raise funds to strengthen the autonomy and safety of women in India, including training and paying teachers and instructors.


Founder / Self-defence expert

"The first and the best course of action to defend yourself is to avoid entering into problematic situations". 

Manish Gray is a youth enthusiast currently residing in Mumbai, Maharashtra who serves as a superior artist of self-defense, completed a course from Switzerland from his Master Martial Vout. Currently, he is teaching and providing FREE self-defense workshops to those underprivileged children and women, he has also tied up with NGO's for the same. 

Martial Vout 

Manish's mentor

Born in December 1974 in Bienne, Martial Vout began his career in private security companies in the Riviera. Then he follows various training in Switzerland, France, and the United States, opens his own agency and offers close protection services (bodyguard) on the place of Geneva and elsewhere in Europe. At the same time, he continues to teach instinctive self-defense courses in Yverdon-les-Bains and Lausanne. 

In 2002, wishing to publish his first book instinctive self-defense in a large French publishing house, he sits on the show of Laurent Ruquier "We tried everything" to end up in the lodges of Isabelle Alonso - columnist and feminist member of the bitches of guard - and Isabelle Mergault - actress and director - to propose to them that the first sign the preface of its book and that the second participates in the photos. After the release of this first album  Never More Victims - Survival Michel Lafon publishes, he closes his security agency to devote himself only to the instinctive self-defense and refine what his cousin Magdalena, then 2 years old, had shown her when he was 19: the original gesture of tearing of the ear with the reptilian hand. Because the instinctive self-defense taught today in India is born of reaction - or rather lesson! - a little girl ulcerated in the back room of an obscure restaurant in the Bernese Oberland while the late Patriarch Hans Camenzind, leader of the Swiss-German branch of the Vout family, celebrated his 72nd birthday.

Today, Martial and Manish have conducted more than 100 workshops in India training over more than 10,000 students over the country. 


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